Stefany (singham) wrote,

Voice lessons? :)

So the first week of classes are well in swing, and I am adjusting pretty well. It's nice to have something to do rather than just watch Jon and Kate plus eight or Grey's Anatomy, not that I complain that much when I do. So imagine this.....I go to the Music hall for the start of my Music 133 class (Voice technique) and I meet some other really cool people that are gonna be in my class. There is like seven of us, and we are all just chilling in the hallway waiting for our professor to come open the door for our 11:00 class. It is 11:10, and this girl comes up to us (she was in the class too) and was like I just talked to the main office and they told me that this class isn't being offered. We are all pretty confused and are like can they seriously just drop a class from us when we have it on our schedules! So to make a long story short, we find out that this course in nonexistent! Apparently the music department used to fund this class, (add in here that it is REQUIRED for Performing Arts majors) but more of the general student body was taking it instead of Perf majors. There was only me and another girl that were Perf majors, so we had to sign up for private lessons. Like one-on-one sweet! I might actually be kinda good by the end of the semester. I was kind of excited until I found out that it will cost me an extra 250 dollars! Holy shit! But I signed up and will pay anyway, because you can't put a money value on something that could potentially advance my career...right? So now I am signed up to have a voice coach...woot! go me! So yeah...I am pretty excited about this, I'm not gonna lie! :) So maybe next time you see me, I will be an amazing singer. :) yeah I didn't think so either. :) :)

(I plan to become the next Sara Ramirez, so wish me luck....cuz I'll need it ;))
Tags: performing arts, sara ramirez, voice lessons
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