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The greatest weekend probably ever.

So this labor day weekend was probably the greatest, most carefree three day weekend I could have asked for. Well to start with on Friday night I had a date (which lets face it, doesn't happen often if at all...:) ) and it was fabulous. He was a great guy and probably one of the nicest and sweetest that I have ever met. So that was friday. Saturday morning I had to work from 8 to 5, but that seems like nothing in compared to the rest of the weekend. Saturday night I went to Colo for some Harley festival (I know...) and my mom and her man were there with his daughter and her boyfriend with "their" three children. My dad and my stepmom were also there with a couple of their friends. John's (my mom's man) daughter and I were very close about four and a half years ago, but circumstances and drama drove us apart and I had only hestitately seen her a couple times since then. I was a little nervous seeing her again and actually spending time talking to her instead of trying to avoid her, but it ended up being great. We reconnected again and even with all the shit that has happened between us, I really think that we can go back to the way it used to be because she is still the same person to me. I am also beginning a new and very special bond with her children that means more to me than anyone could possibly know. Even with Zoey, her youngest, who is different from her oldest, Destiny (people who know me will know exactly what I am talking about), I feel the same bond with both of them. I just hope and pray that it will be able to grow and get stronger because they are fantastic kids and she is doing a remarkable job in raising them. Sunday, I was just able to chill out and clean my apartment. Andrew (the boy) was really sweet and brought me lunch because I didn't really want to go outside, I was just content in hanging out at home. He left to go do some homework before he left for Mason City for the rest of the weekend, and so I continued with my cleaning and then listened to In the Heights (which btw is seriously one of the greatest plays of the year and that i have ever heard) while balancing my checkbook. Monday was the icing on the cake, let me tell you. My mom came and picked me up and we went to hang out at a park with John, Tasha (his daughter), Dale (her boyfriend), and the two girls. It was just so fun and carefree and fun that I wish I could redo it because it was that great. There was no awkwardness and it was just all of us, allowing our friendship and closeness to grow from years of straining. I just hope that they understand how much them giving me another chance means to me, and how I hope that our bond grows and doesn't crush under the pressure again. Thank you for making my weekend so fantastic guys!
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