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Sara Ramirez = HOT!

So because my journal is in such high demand (*cough* steph (not me in third person) *cough*), I decided that it was time for an update. So I am in the process of coming out as bisexual to my family, and it is definitely a lot harder than I ever thought it would be. Because I am so close to them, I figured it would be a breeze, but I found that it almost makes it harder. You feel almost like you might let someone down because they have envisioned a path for you, and you are straying from the given path. I have been extremely fortunate to have people in my life that are extremely understanding and I haven't had any negative reactions from the people I have told because they really just want me to be happy, and if that happens to be spending my life loving a woman, then so be it. I love them for that, let me tell you, because I have been reading and watching the stories where they are banned from the families they have known all their life, simply because they choose love over gender. There are certain people in my life that I wouldn't tell unless I happen to date and fall in love with a woman, then it becomes a little hard to hide, not that i would hide it because love doesn't deserve to be hidden. Love is love, and it deserves equality.
On that note, I must say I love Shonda Rhimes for bringing love of all kinds to the already amazing Grey's Anatomy. I am a big Callica (Callie Torres/Erica Hahn) fan, if you couldn't tell (*hint* userpics *hint*) and I just love their story line. On last nights season premiere, I have to say I am a big fan of cute, nice Erica. (Spoilers ahead, so if you haven't seen 'Dream a little dream of me' skip ahead.) The way she went all soft and made Callie calm down when she couldn't remember what to do to get Frozen man's temperature up, I found it quite enduring. And although there wasn't as much Callica as I hoped to have seen in this episode, I am kinda glad they aren't going to burn this relationship out like they are doing with Meredith and Derek. Ok my favorite part of the episode came within the last ten minutes of the TWO hour show. Callie walked up to Erica and said something along the lines of not liking to experiement and she's never done it before and yada yada. The look on Erica's face was absolutely priceless because of course she was thinking Callie was talking about their kiss and whatever-you-want to call it relationship, but she wasn't. It was funny, and great acting by both of their parts because film acting is all about the eyes...and they nailed it. (I should take pointers from Brooke and Sara if I want to make it.) Anyway, just the looks they were giving each other was just great (one is my userpic) and I am just so happy that Shonda might have decided for Callie to stop getting screwed over! (Literally and figuratively). AND...Sara couldn't get hotter I don't think. It is ridiculous, no woman should be that hot and talented! But she is and as my friend told me, if I knew her I would be MADLY in love with her. But because I don't know her, I'm not in love with her because that would make me crazy. I have a *mild* crush...haha. Also, Brooke....not bad either. Really happy that they gave her curly hair...made my day :)
As some of you know, I am a sophomore in Performing Arts and Women's Studies, and lets just say I am starting to freak out and stress out. I really need to follow up on my job applications because bills are not going to get paid from 70 bucks every two weeks. I also am starting to feel the pressure of getting my internships down because I have to do three before I graduate. AND I found out that my loan provide went under so now I have no loan for next semester which is just FANTASTIC! Other than that though, I guess I am doing ok. I doubt myself all the time, but that is nothing new, especially when I am in Perf, because those people are amazing and I just feel like I don't belong. I have to keep my chin up though or I really won't making in showbiz.
That is all for now, my class is about to end, so until next time. Good night and good luck. HAHA.